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May 13, 2017
July 22, 2017

Past Song Competition Winners

We are privileged to have so many talented artists, musicians, and songwriters enter our yearly competition. These are the finalists and winners from past IMSTA FESTAs' so please check out their song entries and support them.

Toronto Finalist(s)

1st - Mademe X

Song: Q.U.E.E.N

Hailing from Toronto, Mademe X has been getting her elbows greased in the industry for some time. Since 2011, she had found her way into the pit of the industry, working behind the scenes with fashion designers for many well known recording artists. After a few years of being behind the curtain, a manager of an artist she was working with shifted her journey to musical composition.

2nd - Tony Bonanno

Song: Storm Arising

Tony is a songwriter/recording artist and co-producer with three original albums under his belt. He collaborates with other local artists to create original music in the studio setting and helps promote each artist involved. Tony loves all styles of music and also teaches guitar to all age levels.

New York City Finalist(s)

1st - Nick Deutsch

Song: Meteor

Nick Deutsch is a New York based Singer/Songwriter originally from Wilmette, Illinois. His musician mother prompted his early interest in music, helping to instill a deep love for Classical and Jazz Piano.

Chicago Finalist(s)

1st - Randall Rutledge

Song: Big Money Blues

Randall Rutledge was born on August 23, 1961 in Calhoun, Georgia, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for A Peace of Life (2016).

2nd - Mike Hyden

Song: Bounce

Mike grew up literally "Livin' on Tulsa Time" as Tulsa, Oklahoma is where he was born and raised. Mike has recently won numerous awards for his music (do an internet search on mike hyden contest) and expects many more. He placed a first in the Austin Songwriter's Group Annual Song Contest which won him a professionally produced demo in Nashville. He realized that this was the way to go and had several more songs made and hopes to have even more done soon.

3rd - Rollin Jewett

Song: Ride Tall

Singer/songwriter Rollin Jewett grew up in South Florida and has lived in New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix, to name a few environmental influences. In addition to singing and songwriting, Rollin has also written and acted in several films.

Los Angeles Finalist(s)

1st - The Root Doctors

Song: Someday

The Root Doctors have been touring the Southeast for more than 20 years playing the music that makes you feel better than any prescription on the market. With seven strong "doctors of music" on stage, including a two-piece horn section, The Root Doctors are able to cover any style of music that is perfect for any occasion

2nd - DeDe Wedekind

Song: Dream of You

Being such a diverse award-winning singer/songwriter from Texas, DeDe has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Over the past 3 years of her little over 4-year career, DeDe's been a repeat FINALIST in many International Songwriting Competitions including: the International Songwriting Contest, the USA Songwriting Contest, the UK Songwriting Contest, the 2014 Annual Dallas Songwriting Contest, and Song of the's 2015 Songwriting Contest in July 2015.

3rd - TJ Doyle Band

Song: Everything

TJ Doyle transmits an authenticity that harks back to the 60's when artists were writing about the challenges of a generation instead of the more personal and relationship-oriented pop and rock that currently dominates the airwaves.

Toronto Finalist(s)

1st - Mary Segato

Song: Don't Give Up On Me

Mary started writing and recording her music in 2010. She does not consider herself a singer, so she has various different artists sing her songs. Most of Mary's songs would be considered Adult Contemporary, although she does write country and folk as well.

2nd - Sean Croley

Song: Holding Nothing Back

Sean began his career after graduating from Fanshawe Colleges Music Industry Arts (M.I.A.) program where he studied recording engineering and music production. After he graduated, Sean immediately started his own studio called IIdB Studio, that not only allowed him to help local bands to craft their own projects but more importantly, allowed him to work on his own original material both for corporate clients and his own song writing.

3rd - Chet Nichols

Song: I Know Who You Are

Chet Nichols is an award-winning songwriter, composer, music producer, engineer, singer, multi-instrumentalist. Chet is an Inductee in The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame. He joins artists like Pat Matheny, Melissa Ethridge, Martina McBride and others. He is included on The Chicago Actor's A-List of Chicago-born entertainers. He was nominated for an Honorary PhD from the Kansas University and a nominee in The Missouri Music Hall of Fame.

New York City Finalist(s)

1st - Adam Avery

Song: Halfway to You

Adam Avery is an ASCAP songwriter who lives with his wife and four children in Burlington, Vermont. He earned his first cut in 2012 when his song Redefined, was recorded by Chicago based band, Daniel's Window.

2nd - Joey Hatcher

Song: You Make Me Beautiful

Joey Hatcher's debut album, MUSIC IN MY HEAD, features a dramatic collection of both soaring and intimate songs. The music style can be described as melodically and lyrically driven alternative/pop with folk influences.

3rd - Noel Cohen

Song: Bombshell

Noel Cohen is a NYC based songwriter who's had his songs recorded by a wide variety of artists. Pop singer Vitamin C recorded his song "Unhappy Anniversary", which he co-wrote with Sean Altman of Rockeppella fame ("Where in the world is Carmen San Diego"), on her platinum selling debut on Elektra records.

Los Angeles Finalist(s)

1st - Zac Nelson

Song: Life is Wonderful

Zac Nelson is a composer with a huge catalogue of infectious but thoughtful songs. Aside from his work with his band The Dead Storm (currently enjoying some coveted commercial radio airplay in Australia despite being independent), Zac is also releasing a variety of tracks in diverse genres that showcase the depth of his song-writing talent.

2nd - James Hoppe

Song: Windshield

James Hoppe is an ASCAP songwriter and keyboardist from Los Angeles, California. James' musical inflences include singer songwriters of the early 70's, like Elton John, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, and rock bands like the Eagles, Boston, Van Halen and the Doobie Brothers.

3rd - Jellybean

Song: Swampy and Dirty

Songwriter experienced in Country, Rock, Pop, Christian and R&B. Producer with 20 years of studio experience. Owner/Operator of Nashville based recording studio. Offering special rates to fellow broadjam members on demos and full albums.

Chicago Finalist(s)

1st - Rollin' Jewett

Song: Arizona Sun

Singer/songwriter Rollin Jewett grew up in South Florida and has lived in New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix, to name a few influences. In addition to singing and songwriting, Rollin has also written and acted in several major films. He is presently working on new songs for an upcoming album made up entirely of love songs...the idea being to create a pure musical expression of love in all its variety and colors.

2nd - Shea

Song: InVerse

Shea is an R&B/Soul singer and songwriter from Lake Ozark, Missouri. Shea has performed in many shows during her time in Columbia, Missouri and in her hometown, including opening up for R&B singer Sid Sriram and R&B/Pop singer SOMO. Shea has continued to polish her song writing through the years, which contributes a great deal of originality to her soulful sound.